The About page.  Wonderful.

I think most people don’t like to write or talk about themselves.  I don’t.  If I did, this project would be easy.  I would just bore you by writing about me.  But I am boring and I want to write about things that some will find interesting.  And let’s not forget the photos.  I also want to bring you interesting photos to help tell the story I am writing about.

So back to the dreaded About.

Let me try to make this simple and painless.  I intend to write about things that I research and investigate.  So what qualifies me for that?

This one is simple.  I have spent my entire adult career, and even a few years before that, working in law enforcement.  That is 40 years of intense and ongoing training followed by investigating and reporting.  Cases are required to be to be thorough, comprehensive and rock solid.  They are critiqued by supervisors, attorneys, judges, juries and the media.  And often, you would get a chance to tell your case to judges, juries and attorneys in court.  And in courts that ranged from the municipal level all the way to the federal level.

Now let’s talk about photography.  In my early school years I took every class I could on graphic arts and photography.  One of my first work related photography classes was one taught by Eastman Kodak in 1972.  Besides doing a lot of photography for work purposes, I also continued with photography as an outside hobby and consider myself a very serious amateur photographer.

I enjoy the coast, the mountains and the desert.  I love to explore.  I really love to explore the desert.  The desert creates a strong sense of mystery and beauty that calls out to a few who can appreciate it for what it is.  I enjoy exploring the far reaches and extreme remote areas of the desert.  I am fascinated by the people in the desert and the things that go on there.  When I see a lonely desolate road that goes off in the horizon, I want to know where it goes and why it is there.

So there you have it.  This website will allow me to bring together the knowledge and experience of 40 years of law enforcement and conducting investigations, with my love for photography and my drive to explore, in to one very interesting place.

The stories I choose to write about will not be easy.  Some will require a lot of time, research and a lot of dedication and persistence.  Other story topics could easily be missed or even dismissed by the casual observer.  And that’s what I have learned to avoid.  Never take anything for granted and take the time to really understand.

Desert Fog.  Sometimes you need to stop and look.

I believe you will find these reports interesting.

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