Thunderstorm Starts Fires in Nevada

Thunderstorm Starts Fires in Nevada
By Jack Freer  |  Posted June 28, 2015  |  Gardnerville, Nevada

A severe thunderstorm over western Nevada sparked several new fires to add to the complications of fighting the Washington fire in Markleeville, California just a short distance away.

The Washington fire, named after the Lady Washington Mine where the fire was ignited by lighting, began over a week ago June 19 a few miles south of the small town of Markleeville, California. The fire has consumed close to 18,000 acres and is being fought with 1,100 firefighters at a cost of $6.4 million so far.

After the fast-moving thunderstorm moved through the area this afternoon fire crews responded to multiple fires on the eastern bank of the Carson Range in Carson Valley, Nevada.

The Sierra Front Wildfire Cooperators agency, already involved in fighting the Washington fire, reports that as of this evening, 25 lightning caused fires to have occurred along the Sierra Front. All these fires are staffed and will be contained by the resources on scene.

Thunderstorm starts fires in Nevada

Thunderstorm starts fires in Nevada

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