Lithium Mining in the Mojave and Great Basin Deserts

News articles are asking if lithium is the new gold rush in Nevada and California. Some have said that the desert is where a new lithium rush is beginning to turn into a stampede. A stampede is the uncontrolled act of mass impulse by a crowd of people running in panic. What could go wrong with that?

To make things even more interesting is the allegation that those responsible with protecting and administrating public desert lands may be too friendly with those wishing to exploit public lands for profit. And environmental reviews which use to take years to complete are now completed in one year.

This project looks at what is occurring as interest in lithium mining increases. The only lithium mine in production in North America is in Silver Peak, Nevada. One pilot lithium processing plant is at the site of an existing borax mine in Boron, California. There are many sites in the exploration stage. Some sites are more advanced than others and have completed extensive field testing and technical reports. Others have mining claims and a website.

Enjoy the tour!

Production Sites  

Albemarle – Silver Peak, Nevada (Posted July 19, 2020)

Pilot Processing Plant 

Rio Tinto – Borax Mine, Boron, California (Update April 30, 2021)

Exploration Sites 

ACME Lithium Inc. – Fish Lake Valley (FLV) Claims, Dyer, Nevada
Altair International – Stonewall Lithium Project, Lida Junction, Nevada
American Battery Metals Corporation – Western Nevada Basin (WNB) Claims, Currant, Nevada
American Lithium – Tonopah Lithium Claims (TLC), Tonopah, Nevada
American Pacific Borates Limited – Fort Cady Project, Newberry Springs, California
American Pacific Borates Limited – Salt Wells Projects, Salt Wells, Nevada
Ameriwest Lithium – Deer Musk East Lithium Project, Silver Peak, Nevada
Ameriwest Lithium – Railroad Valley Lithium Project, Currant, Nevada
Argosy Minerals – Tonopah Lithium Project, Silver Peak, Nevada
Battery Mineral Resources – Panamint Valley, Trona, California (Posted July 27, 2020)
Belmont Resources – Kibby Basin Project, Tonopah, Nevada
Caeneus Minerals – Columbus Marsh Project, Mina, Nevada
Caeneus Minerals – New King Lithium Clay Project, Orovada, Nevada
Caeneus Minerals – Rhodes Marsh Project, Mina, Nevada
Compass Minerals – Great Salt Lake Solar Evaporation, Ogden, Utah
Controlled Thermal Resources – Hell’s Kitchen Lithium and Power Project, El Centro, California
Cruz Cobalt Corp. – Clayton Valley Lithium Prospect, Silver Peak, Nevada
Cruz Cobalt Corp. – Solar Lithium Project, Tonopah, Nevada
Cypress Development – Clayton Valley, Silver Peak, Nevada (Posted Aug. 4, 2020)
Dajin Lithium Corp. – Alkali Spring Valley Lithium Project, Alkali, Nevada
Dajin Lithium Corp. – Teels Marsh Lithium Project, Mina, Nevada
Enertopia Corporation – Clayton Valley Lithium Project, Silver Peak, Nevada
Fuse Cobalt – Teels Marsh West Project, Mina, Nevada
Great Basin Resources (Five lithium projects in Nevada) (1)
Hawkstone Mining – Big Sandy Lithium Project, Wikieup, Arizona
Iconic Minerals – Bonnie Claire Property, Beatty, Nevada
Iconic Minerals – Smith Creek Valley Property, Austin, Nevada
Ioneer – Rhyolite Ridge, Dyer, Nevada (Update April 23, 2021)
Jindalee Resources – Clayton North, Silver Peak, Nevada
Jindalee Resources – McDermitt Lithium Project, McDermitt, Nevada
Lithium Americas – Thacker Pass, Orovada, Nevada (Update June 27, 2021)
Lithium Corp. – Fish Lake Valley, Dyer, Nevada
Lithium Corp. – San Emidio Valley, Empire, Nevada
Macarthur Minerals – Reynolds Springs Lithium Project, Currant, Nevada
Marquee Resources – Clayton Valley Lithium, Silver Peak, Nevada
Nevada Sunrise Gold Corp., (Six lithium projects in Clayton Valley) Silver Peak, Nevada (1)
Nickel Rock Resources Inc. – Black Rock Desert Lithium Project, Gerlach, Nevada
Nickel Rock Resources Inc. – Clayton Valley BFF-1 Lithium Project, Silver Peak, Nevada
Nickel Rock Resources Inc. – Dixie Valley Lithium Project, Dixie Valley, Nevada
Noram Ventures – Clayton Valley Zeus Property, Silver Peak, Nevada (Posted Aug. 4, 2020)
Pacific Imperial Mines – Eagle Mountain Lithium, Death Valley Junction, California
Pure Energy Minerals – Clayton Valley Lithium Project, Silver Peak, Nevada (Posting Under Construction)
Reedy Lagoon Corporation – Alkali Lake North Project, Alkali, Nevada
Reedy Lagoon Corporation – Clayton Valley Project, Silver Peak, Nevada
Scotch Creek Ventures – Cupz Project, Goldfield, Nevada
Scotch Creek Ventures – Highlands West Project, Silver Peak, Nevada
Scotch Creek Ventures – Macallan East Project, Silver Peak, Nevada
Sienna Resources – Clayton Valley Deep Basin Lithium Brine Project, Silver Peak, Nevada
Spearmint Resources – Clayton Valley Lithium Prospects, Silver Peak, Nevada
Standard Lithium – Bristol Lake Mojave Project, Amboy, California
Surge Battery Metals – Northern Nevada Lithium Project, Jackpot, Nevada
Ultra Resources – South Big Smoky Valley Claims, Silver Peak, Nevada
Victory Resources – Smokey Lithium Project, Silver Peak, Nevada

(1) Not listed on map. See company website for project locations.
Exploration site list and map updated Aug. 9, 2021 2:10 p.m. (53)

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Exploration Sites

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